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Prices are calculated based on current pricing policy of Exline Courier Company. Courier request, waybills, shipment tracking and corporate envelopes are included in price.
Attention please! For all shipments, the tariff may vary, so height, width and length for parcels with "Express" service must be specified; for shipments with "Standard" service, those parameters must be specified as well if one of the sides exceeds 100 cm.
Attention! The tariff for forwarding international shipments to/from the Russian Federation and the Kyrgyz Republic is calculated only to/from Almaty. Delivery/collection of incoming/outgoing international shipments to/from the recipient, the tariff for shipment within the Republic of Kazakhstan is applied.
Attention! For the delivery of international shipments to remote settlements of the Russian Federation and the Near Neigboring countries (except Republic of Kyrgyzstan) and far abroad, a surcharge of 13500 tenge for each weight up to 20 kg and 600 tenge for each weight that is more than 20 kg is applied to the applicable tariff.
Dear customers, before sending an international shipment, check the final shipping cost with the operator via the WhatsApp messenger +7 771 736 70 84.