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Frequently asked questions

What is the maximum weight and dimensions of parcel are allowed for shiping?

Maximum dimensions for parcels are 230x180x110 (Length x Width x Height) centimeters. Parcels with weight over 100kg and if one side of parcel is more than 230cm, special prices are applied. Please contact our specialists for additional information.

How can I pay for services?

Payment for services is made via bank transfer or by cash after invoice receiving. Invoices can be issued on service delivery day or twice a month on permanent basis.

How can I request courier to collect my shipments?

You should request a courier at least for 4 hours in advance. It can be easily done through special online service. Just follow this link.

How can we prepare a contract?

Contract can de prepared after we receive your full juridical information. You can provide it via online service – Contract preparation. Please, fill in all fields and our specialists will contact you for futher information.