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Packaging instructions

Before handing the shipments to the courier, please make sure that they are properly packaged. It will be a great advantage to all measures of cargo safety, taken by Exline company. All you need to do is follow a few rules listed below.

Stick an address label

Be sure to indicate contact information on each of the items. Parcels pass thousands of kilometers before getting to the destination address, and so availability of the label will be a useful hallmark of the item in this long journey.

Use correct packaging material

Exline company provides free special protective envelopes for documents. For parcels, we offer additional packing of your items in special corrugated boxes. This service costs 400 tenge and will improve safety of enclosure. If you want to pack the item by yourself, try to pack it tightly in a cardboard box, so it does not hang loosely during shipment. Do not use plastic bags, sacks and bags for packaging, as it complicates the shipment and increases the risk of damage to items. All possible areas of opening should be scotch taped.

Use additional labeling

When freight forwarding we do not know exact inner content of each parcel. It can be either fragile glass or an item that should not be put upside down. Be sure to mark such items and our employees will pay special attention to such cargo.