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Payment methods

Electronic cards

We accept international electronic cards such as VISA and MasterCard. Convenient and safe payment is provided by «PayOnline.ru».

Follow the link for electrinic card payments to pay for services by the waybill. Enter the waybill number and total amount, then press "Pay via Visa/Mastercard".

You will be redirected to our secure payment page Processing.kz, where you need to fill in details of your credit card:

  1. Your name, as listed on the card.
  2. Card number, it is at the front of the card, 16-19 digits without space.
  3. Expiration date of the card, it is also listed at the front of the card.
  4. CVC2/CVV2 code, located on the back of the card on stripe for signature, you must enter the last 3 or 4 digits.

After clicking 'Checkout', it may be necessary to enter your 3-D Secure password. This password can be obtained from your bank. To enter this code, you will be directed to your bank.



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  • It's easy and convenient!
  • It's super low comission
  • Available nearby your neighborhood
  • Operating 24/7
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  • No comission
  • Available 24/7 and anywhere in the world
  • Ability to view the history and details of all your payments
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Cashless transfer

Payment for services provided is based on of issued invoices. Invoices can be displayed on the day of service, or twice a month, for the first and second half of the month.


You can pay cash at any ExLine office. List of all addresses is available under Contacts.

Blocking of the funds

If you pay via electronic cards, the bank blocks the amount specified in your account. Our experts will check the correctness of the data and if the data is correct, there will be a removal of the blocked amount from your card. If the data is not correct (incorrect invoice/waybill number, total amount) we will cancel the payment, and the amount blocked on your card will be released.


In case if you need to make a partial or full refund of money that has already been charged, or successfully withdrawn from your card, you need to write a statement indicating the payer's information (f.o., IIN), invoice number, reason for refund, IBAN account, the name of the bank and attach the application with a personal signature. The original application with a copy of the identification card applicants must bring to any convenient for your location division of the "ExLine". Consultation on the return of funds can be requested on the special page of the quality control services . Our specialists will contact you and in case if the refund can be performed, the funds will be transferred to your IBAN account.