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Shipment regulations


When ordering services of the company «ExLine» and acting as Addresser (Customer), you hereby, on their own behalf and on behalf of any other individuals interested in the delivery of shipment agree to the fact that the present General terms of delivery are valid from the moment of reception of shipment and to fully fulfill their obligations.


The package can only be sent a with written message or documents inside that have no commercial value and does not contain commercial embeddings.

Parcel may contain any goods, taking into account existing constraints. It is strictly forbidden to send weapons, ammunition, explosives, radioactive, psychotropic, poisonous, narcotic substances and preparations, local and foreign currency, the original documents, objects that may cause damage to other parcels or employees when handling shipments, as well as other embeddings, prohibited by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Customs formalities

Consignor (Customer) is obligated to provide all documents necessary for the completion of customs formalities in accordance with the laws of the countries of origin, transit and receiving. The consignor (customer) is responsible for the accuracy of the information specified in the customs declaration.


Shipments must be transmitted by the consignor (customer) in the packaging corresponding to the character of embeddings and the requirements of delivery, except for the cases when the package is directly produced by the company «Exline» using own packaging materials.


Liability of «ExLine» governed by the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of postal services, as well as contractual relationships with the customer. LLP «ExLine» is only liable to the customer. Consequential damages or loss of income, whatever their origin, are not reimbursed. Responsibility for the embedding of the shipment lies on the consignor.


Delivery of shipment is carried out to the specified addresses, in a timely manner, including the delivery, at which the impossibility of delivery to the recipient was justified by one or more of the following factors:

  • An indication of incorrect or incomplete address;
  • The absence of the Recipient (addressee);
  • Refusal to accept the parcel/package sent to the recipient due the specific reasons.


The billing is done at standard rates approved by the LLP «ExLine» or tariffs in compliance with the agreement concluded by the Parties. Customs clearance services and additional services are paid separately.

Complaints and Claims

Claims for damages are accepted in written form by LLP «ExLine» not later than 120 days from the date of receiving the shipment.