В связи с погодными условиями во многих областях Казахстана, задержкой вылетов авиарейсов, загруженностью городских дорог, снежными заносами трасс, могут быть незначительные задержки в доставке. Приносим извинения за неудобства.

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Company news

Happy Post Day!October 09, 2016

Dear colleagues, let your letters and emails receive only kind and meaningful responses, containing joy and happiness. Let everything in your life happen the way you wish and those wishes come true ...

Congratulations with the Constitution Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan!August 29, 2016

We wish you peaceful sky, harmony and stability, may happiness and prosperity reign in every family, and the pursuit of new victories in the name of prosperity of our country will lead us to great s...

Happy birthday, ExLine!July 29, 2016

Dear friends and collegues! It's been 13 years since ExLine was founded. We congratulate our team on the foundation day! Sincerly wish the company and employees continued success, prosperity and ...